We help students learn Full Stack Development.

HiCoder does everything that helps students become successful in the software industry. From product thinking to product designing, system designing, choosing the right frameworks, breaking projects in stages to building teams, and working collaboratively to making the application comply with the latest Google SEO needs and knowledge about integrated analytics, we do everything in between.

Trained on the most in-demand Technology Skills

At the end of the course, every student becomes capable to develop their own create a web application, host on their own domain, enable advanced technologies and observe people's actions on their website and represent themselves as a HiCoder that matters.
  • End to End Project Analysis, Design & Development
  • Authentication, Geo Tracking, Payment Gateway
  • Analytics, SEO, Data Representation, Industry Standards
  • Max Pro Resume, Soft Skills, Client Expectation Management
34 +
Projects Completed
47 +
Industry Experts
30 +
Quality Developers
40,000,00 +
Application Users

Why HiCoder?

HiCoder enables students to think about real-world problems, design, and develop the right solution. know more

Personalized Training

We understand the weakness of students coming from poor educational backgrounds. HiCoder avails resources and extra after-class support to match the criteria and keep up with tech.

Production Projects

Every student ends up making around 3 projects that are wholesome, cloud-hosted and can be used for a commercial purpose.

How does HiCoder help?

HiCoder resembeles software development and marketing altogether to develop applications that can be used by real user than keeping on Github.

HiCoder understands the struggle, peer pressure an engineering student goes into throughout curriculum. We believe, Most engineering students who can be part of the core software industry end up having a tech support or customer care job just because college never taught trending technology, project Management or encouraged students to their own projects.


at HiCoder is usefulTechnology, Management & more

Front End
Students learn to design, develope the UI following UX with industry standards.
Students learn CS Architecture, CRUD, API, Authentication, Authorization, DB and etc.
Project Management
Students learn to plan, project, and execute development projects with client expectation.
Production Deployment
Students learn to create a server, deploy an application following security guidelines.
Basic Analytics
Students learn about analytics, usability, and integration of analytics in their production application.
Soft Skills
Soft skills encourages open communication & enhances corporate skills having corporate attitude.
Industry Standards
Industry Trending technology, tools, and process adaption help students adapt to corporate with almost no effort.
Max Pro Resume
Students get a unique HiCoder smart ID, Certificate, and an industry expert-guided self developed integrated resume.
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