What is HiCoder?

HiCoder is a technology skilling platform that helps students learn industry-grade software engineering by industry experts, startups, entrepreneurs, and experienced mentors. We build an environment that enables students to learn by building with trending technologies and pay only when you get a job.

The Problem

1,50,000 engineering graduates pass every year in India, Almost 20% of them get jobs in their core industry. The rest 80% of students end up having a job role that has nothing to do with the core engineering they studied in. Those Students are forced to take a job due to family pressure, peer pressure, or their financial status.

The Solution

HiCoder with industry experts (including software designer, developer, manager, architect) assembles frontend, backend, API, DS, Algorithms and etc, and encourages students to think and learn development with a product building approach than a traditional single technology learning. It enables students to become an engineer that industry demands and team leads love to work.


HiCoder goal is to mentor 10,000+ students by 2023 with industry-trending technology, resources, and product grade development practices. Our target is to help students who have technical academics and considering joining, change, and join the IT Industry. The platform will also allow highly enthusistic students to participate in it's skilling programme to help students get a technical job in the Industry.

HiCoder Core Team is

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Who trains students at HiCoder?

HiCoder mentors & associates are industry experts on respective subjects, software architects, DevOps engineers, Scrum Experts, and people who understand and have developed, built products, and worked directly with clients.

How classes are conducted?

All Classes are live and conducted online. Every student has their own style of learning there we allocate after-class teaching assistants for students to clear and catch up with their peers. This course is ideal for students who want to get a job, change their job, or want to become an entrepreneur with a software product.