What will you learn at HiCoder?

HiCoder’s production grade full stack development course curriculum is research and assembled by developer’s and product manager’s that make decisions in product-based companies. Skilled Candidates with Production Experience are hot picks and hot swaps for startups and product based companies.

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Design & Development
Students will learn to design mobile, desktop responsive web components, layouts for products considering end users.
Testing & Production
After development, the student will put the developed frontend, frontend + backend application in a publicly accessible platform.
Analytics and SEO
The students will learn to optimize their web application with google’s standards, list websites on google and basics of analytics.
Soft Skills & Experience
Every student will get a HiCoder Smart ID, Max Pro Resume, Max Pro Job Support, 18K worth cloud server, own website, and etc.
Our syllabus &

How HiCoders become product grade developer?


Basic Computer Science

WHW(What, How, Where) Computer, Hardware, and Software, Programming Language, OS, Application, Networking, Security, Server, Cloud and, etc.

Frontend Design

You will learn to design UI, application layouts, simple front end games using front end technologies and deploy them on production servers.


WHW Backend, Technologies, Full Stack, Tech Stack, Planning, Github, Stages, Development, API, Testing, Production and etc.

Simple Projects

Simple & Wholesome Projects based on classes conducted pushing exploration, creativity & project time management to the next level.

Project Management

Basic of Project Management, Planning, Work Overflow Detection, Expectation management, Mindset gaps, corporate communication & etc.

DS & Algorithm

WHW DS & Algorithms. Topics like Search, Sorting and LinkedList, Queue, Tree, Graph are covered with simple intense data-driven projects.

Complex Project

One/Multiple Project that will include Project Planning, Frontend, Backend, APIs, UX Research, Google & Social login, OTP, Payment & etc.

Branding & Adaption

WHW Theming & Branding, color selection, adaption of available resources, Resource Collection and becoming ready for DRY & etc.

Production on Cloud

Students will learn the industry standards of cloud deployment and grasp essential points of security for server deployment, management and etc.

Digital Resume Integration

Goal, SWOT Analysis, Content Prioritization, Resume Building, Digital Resume Development, Project Integration, Project presentation, and etc.

Client Communication

You will learn the basics of feature grade Requirement Analysis, Project Planning, Client Expectations & timeline management and etc.

Cut the Competition

Students will learn to present themselves for the interview and outreach companies in a unique way to cut the chase and get some recognition(optional).

Communication & Experience

Students will get an opportunity to do open communication with clients, understand their idea, come up with a project development plan, develop, and deploy.

We help aspiring students get core dev jobs in the software industry.

  • End to End development
  • Pay after placement option
  • Production Grade Projects
  • SEO, Analytics & More
  • Max Pro Integrated Resume
Thoughts on HiCoder Syllabus

Reviews by Industry Experts


  1. This is a fast pace full stack production curriculum. Students should spend at least 4 or more hours in product development to improve themselves to be a production grade engineer.
  2. The technologies mentioned in the above list will not be limited and will be customized as per new industry trends & standards
  3. A fast pace environment centralizes the student mindset to focus on project grade experience. Students should focus on instruction rather than picking random things from 3rd party shiny things from 3rd party platforms. You will be able to develop shiny projects but get your basics cleared and then try picking once you are on the stage to develop without disturbing the curriculum.
  4. Few projects/topics may take longer than general and students should learn to cope with changes in the industry and execution.